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Externship Program


Our goal is to provide a quality experience that will be beneficial for all concerned. We intend to provide an in depth exposure to equine veterinary medicine in both a primary care and referral setting; but we also hope to learn from you and your education, as learning is a shared experience.

The externship is designed for an individual who is seeking significant interaction with the staff and veterinarians in the various portions of an equine practice. Ideally we would like applicants who can make at least a 2-3 week commitment. However, we will accept externs for lesser time as well. In the first week of the externship more emphasis is put on orientation and observation, but externs will have an active part in performing daily treatments from the start.

Interaction with the veterinarians can be expected, plus additional opportunity to have extra time in given areas of individual preference (i.e. surgery, anesthesia, reproduction, ultrasonography, etc.). As you will be assisting the doctors with clients, a neat appearance and appropriate attire is required. Ragged, faded jeans and t-shirts are not considered appropriate attire.

Student housing is provided in the hospital. In exchange an extern helps to perform patient treatments and after hours emergency assistance. Unfortunately, due to the nature of our business and limited housing, we do not have accommodations for pets. There is a refrigerator and microwave available for extern use and there are restaurants located within a short distance. As transportation is very limited, students are encouraged to bring a vehicle or rent a car if transportation is desired. If flying into Phoenix, the most economical transportation to the clinic is the "SUPER SHUTTLE". This can be found outside of each terminal baggage claim. If you wish to make reservations prior to your arrival the phone number is (602) 244-9000. If you are a veterinary student and have an AVMA number please be sure to bring it, as you will get a discount.

The caseload at Southwest Equine Hospital covers virtually all aspects of equine practice at any given time, currently our caseload is strongest in internal medicine cases, lameness evaluations, routine preventive care and emergency/after hours work. Reproduction and foal care is significant during specific parts of the year.

After the completion of the externship, you will receive a form with the request for an honest evaluation of your experience and any suggestions that you feel would be helpful.

We hope that this has provided you with sufficient incentive to do an externship at Southwest Equine Hospital. If you desire further information, please do not hesitate to call. Otherwise, please complete the application and return it with your resume at your earliest convenience. The positions are filled on a "first come, first serve" basis and there is often more than one student interested in a certain time period. As we try to accommodate as many requests as possible, we need specific dates that you will be present at the clinic. Frequently, students request time off to sightsee while here. You will not have the opportunity to do this during your externship. If you wish to sightsee please schedule your sightseeing plans for before or after your scheduled extern dates. Please make your travel arrangements so you can be at the clinic on the dates you request. We will send a confirmation letter immediately.

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