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Internship Program

2018 intern applicants: Deadline for application and all related material is March 1st, 2018.

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Southwest Equine is a large hospital with a fully equipped surgical suite and an eight stall barn including two video ICU stalls. The facility also includes 6 outside stalls, 2 large paddocks and a riding arena. Essential equipment includes digital ultrasound, computed radiology system (limb, abdominal, thoracic, myelography), videoendoscopes, arthroscope, shockwave, diode laser, powerfloat, in-house laboratory and regenerative medicine capabilities. Southwest Equine Hospital is centrally located in beautiful Scottsdale, Arizona. Our practice is 99% Equine, with the rare camelid, goat, or calf to keep things interesting. Southwest Equine is primarily an emergency / referral hospital; however we have a solid base of clientele for routine preventive care, reproduction, dentistry, lameness and sports medicine services. Scottsdale is home to large western performance and Arabian show horse populations; however, our practice receives nearly all breeds and disciplines.

The average caseload seen per year is 3,000. There is seasonal variability with spring and fall being primarily preventive medicine, neonatology and reproduction and winter is peak performance horse season. Summer is predominantly emergencies, lameness and infectious diseases. Internal Medicine- 30% Routine/Preventive Care- 30% Lameness / Sports Medicine- 15% Surgical-15% Reproduction- 10% Weekly- 20-30 routine appointments (lameness, preventive, reproduction), 2-5 internal medicine referral appointments, 1-2 surgeries (orthopedic, soft-tissue), 5+ emergency (colic, lacerations, acute lameness, infectious disease).

The internship program at Southwest Equine is rotating between hospital, surgery, anesthesia, ambulatory and emergency work and we aim to provide new veterinary graduates the mentoring needed to facilitate the development of exceptional technical and diagnostic skills, as well as the knowledge and confidence to pursue a successful veterinary career or continue on in a residency.

For more information about the internship, please find us on AAEP Avenues.

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