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We offer a wide variety of elective and emergency orthopedic and soft tissue surgical services. While most surgeries are elective and patients can go home the same or next day, some surgical procedures will require a more prolonged hospital stay.

Elective Surgery

Southwest Equine Hospital is equipped to perform all of your horse’s surgical needs. Our surgical center offers a safe, sterile environment for both standing and general anesthesia procedures. Elective orthopedic procedures (arthroscopy, chip removal, sequestrum removal, hoof wall resections), upper airway surgeries (tie back, aryetenoidectomy, sinusotomy, etc), and cryptorchid castration are just a few of the procedures we offer. Minor surgeries such as castration and small mass removals may be performed on the farm and do not require hospitalization.

Emergency Surgery

Be assured that if your horse needs emergency surgery, we will be ready, no matter what the hour. Our surgeons are highly skilled at everything from fracture repair and joint infections to removing 20+feet of intestine. We are accustomed to doing surgery in the middle of the night… and seeing our patients go home healthy and pain-free is worth every hour of lost sleep.


The safety and well-being of your horse is our primary concern. At Southwest Equine general anesthesia is administered and monitored by licensed veterinarians highly trained to react to any change in your horse’s heart rate, blood pressure or anesthetic depth. Our patients are intensively monitored (EKG, blood pressure, oxygen and carbon dioxide levels, arterial blood gas analysis) for their safety. Our padded recovery stall has been designed to reduce injuries, with at least one doctor (and often two) present to help your horse stand using a head-and-tail rope system.


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